Instructions for Resource Downloads

  1. Ensure that the computers have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  This is free and trusted software. (Please check with your IT department.)
  2. Download the programme from your email.
  3. Click into Downloads and open the programme with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  You can do this by right clicking on the programme and 'Open with...'
  4. Check to see that you can type into the document.  
  5. Save the document by clicking on the Save button on the top of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  6. You can either save it onto a memory key and paste it on different computers, into students' folders OR you can email the programme to students and go through the first few steps above. (Download, Click into Downloads, Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader, Save)
  7. Every time students have a class, they will right click the programme and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader and throughout the course, they will use the SAVE button in the software.  
  8. There may be a prompt asking students 'if they wish to replace' the file when they save - they should click YES if they have added answers.  In this way, their workbook is continually updated. 
  9. Please give me a call if you are having difficulties.