Level 4 Team Working


Level 4 Team Working


Student Workbook

Contains 75 pages

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Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Describe the functions of teamworking, to include its advantages and disadvantages, and identification of different types of teams

  2. Outline the contribution of an individual to a team

  3. Identify personal strengths and weaknesses as a member of a team

  4. Identify the principal elements and stages of team development, to include roles and impact of personality types

  5. Assist in setting team objectives and ongoing evaluation of progress

  6. Participate in core teamworking activities, to include listening to others, communication, problem-solving, finding solutions and conflict resolution

  7. Demonstrate awareness of other team members¿ ideas and opinions

  8. Participate in feedback loops, ie giving and accepting appropriate feedback

  9. Work effectively as a member of a team.

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