Level 3 Music Appreciation

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Level 3 Music Appreciation


Worksheets for Students

Contains 77 pages

Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Describe the common instrumental groupings and the instruments commonly used in selected musical styles

  2. List the main characteristics of a number of preferred musical styles

  3. List the processes involved in the production of recorded music

  4. Describe the aspects of preparation undertaken by musicians involved in a live musical performance

  5. Use the terminology of music when describing pieces of music

  6. Differentiate between instrument sounds for two or more instruments when played solo and when accompanied

  7. Recognise patterns in music including repeating rhythmic and melodic patterns in two contrasting pieces of music

  8. Obtain information about a range of artists including genre, instruments, historical context, key developments and personal history

  9. Discuss the elements of composition used in at least two contrasting pieces of music

  10. Describe the personal impact of listening to music

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