Level 3 Personal Care & Presentation


Level 3 Personal Care & Presentation


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Learning outcomes for this module:

1 Describe the principles of good personal care including healthy lifestyle, stress management, personal hygiene, personal presentation, medical and dental care.

2 Identify a range of natural and manufactured personal care products.

3 Explain the uses and benefits of a range of personal care products and treatments.

4 Describe factors that influence choice of hairstyle including face shape, hair texture and patterns of hair growth.

5 Describe the role of colour, body shape, dress style, hair style, and accessories in personal presentation.

6 Use a range of personal care products appropriately including correct terminology.

7 Demonstrate good practice in personal care including cleansing, grooming, nail care, dental care and treating minor ailments.

8 Wash hair effectively using appropriate clothes and skin protection, correct hair care products, water temperature and pressure.

9 Explore the impact of personal presentation on others.

10 Apply appropriate health, safety and personal hygiene procedures when using personal care products.

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