Level 3 Personal Effectiveness


Level 3 Personal Effectiveness


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Student E-workbook

Contains 56 pages

Fillable online or printable

Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Describe the concept of personal effectiveness and the resources employed for effective engagement in the learning and workplace or community environments
  2. Demonstrate an awareness of self by exploring strengths, talents, goals, values, challenges, abilities with skills such as communication, assertiveness, time management, and areas for improvement
  3. Draw up a personal learning plan following a series of steps, which include identifying learning goals, resources required, timeframe, implementation, review and evaluation, which leads to the achievement of specified personal learning goals, incorporating a variety of learning situations
  4. Apply communications, team working, hygienic and safe work practices in a workplace or community environment
  5. Practice a limited range of the skills required for successful team or group work
  6. Work as a member of a team making an identifiable contribution to a group activity and seeking help as required
  7. Describe the personal learning gained from participation in a planned learning activity

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