September 2019

Numeracy Mapping

Mapping of L2LP Numeracy resources here


August 2019

New Modules!

July 2019

New Level 2 and L2LP resources coming up!

July 2019

Level 2 and L2LP Covered!

  • The full suite of L2LP resources will be available in August.

  • Each resource covers all the learning outcomes as set out in the QQI Level 2 or L2LP Curriculum.

  • See the list of modules below.

June 2019

New Numeracy Modules

Linked to QQI and L2LP


New Address

Please note that Educoot has a new address:

1 Woodford View



Co. Cavan


CPD Course:: Microsoft Word in Practice


30th May 2019

CPD Event for Admin. and FET Staff, CMETB

Hillgrove Hotel, Monaghan

Demonstration of new CPD course created by Educoot


28th May 2019

FET Meet, CMETB, Monaghan Institute

Introduction to: Microsoft Word in Practice on Moodle CPD Course

16th May

Level 2 Quantity and Number

Now ready!

Suitable for L2LP, adult education and prison education

Many opportunities for practice and assessment

See a sample here!

1st May 2019


April 2019

L2LP Living in a Community

Worksheets for students (207 Pages)

Mapping of learning outcomes to Educoot resources - see Communication and Literacy

March 2019


Look out for:

  • Level 1 Craft

  • Revised Level 2 Using Technology

  • Level 2 Quantity and Number

  • Revised Level 3 Communications

  • Calculator Skills…….. and more.

17th March 2019


Coming soon

L2LP Living in a Community

+ Mapping of L2LP Learning Outcomes to Educoot resources

23rd February 2019

New and Revised Resources

New: Level 1 Using Technology and Level 4 Retail Sales Techniques

Revised: Level 3 Breakfast Cookery - many worksheets added!


29th January 2019

Puzzle Day Today!

Puzzles are great educational tools

Get free Rebus Puzzles worksheets + Link to Educoot’s Thinking Puzzles - Volumes 1 to 4 (with answers!)

Get these free resources here


16th January 2019

Life Skills - Level 2 / Level 3

Remember to download this completely free resource here

Many worksheets related to everyday life!


3rd January 2019

Level 1 Writing

Ready now!

Includes pre-writing activities, CVC words, sight words & a variety of everyday writing tasks

See sample here

All the best for 2019!

17th December 2018

New modules that are almost complete:

Writing Level 1 and Retail Skills Level 4

29th November 2018

More resources have been updated:


7 November 2018

Level 1 Computer Skills

Basic Computers for Students

See a sample here

October 2018


Level 3 Personal Care and Presentation

Covers all Learning Outcomes

Includes Assessment Briefs & Mapping of Leaning Outcomes

See a sample here

September 2018

Beautiful Ireland!


September 2018

Updated Resources

Modules that have been revised; all available now:

28th August 2018


Level 3 Maths Student Workbook Ready!

  • New activities and assessments added

  • Suitable for adult education classes

  • Answer book included

  • See sample here



6th August 2018

Revised resources for adult education courses:

Level 2 Reading, Level 2 Shape & Space, Level 2 Pattern & Relationship, Level 2 Nonverbal Communications and Level 3 Mathematics

Many added activities and assessments!


6th August 2018

Upcoming Event


Educoot is going to a Further Education Network Meeting, which will focus on QQI's Green Paper on Assessment of Learners and Learning.

10th October 2018 in The Gresham Hotel, Dublin 





8th July 2018

Level 3 Personal Care & Presentation

Ready soon!



2nd July 2018

Level 4 Personal Effectiveness

Resource for adult education classes

Includes: Assessment Briefs, Course Overview, Marking Schemes, Worksheets and Templates.



18th June 2018

Level 2 Health-Related Exercise

This has been reviewed and revised. 


16th June 2018

Level 3 Event Participation

Worksheets for students

Ready now


29th May 2018



Educoot delivered workshops at CMETB FET Meet 2018.  It was an informative day and a great way to get together those involved in adult education. 

You can download Educoot's presentation here

29th May 2018


Selection of new samples to download

Download a sample selection of the new resources here:

Some recent and brand new resources for adult education include the following:

Summer 2018 (1).png

28th May 2018


Level 3 Biology 


  • Student Workbook, as a resource for adult education and secondary schools

  • Covers all learning outcomes, according to QQI Component Specification

  • Colourful activities, with many helpful diagrams

  • Includes assessment briefs, course overview and mapping of learning outcomes






25th May 2018


Level 1 Problem Solving


  • Student worksheets (lots of them!), suitable resource for adult education and secondary schools (PLU)

  • Covers all learning outcomes

  • Includes everyday problem-solving activities





25th April 2018


Cavan Business Women's Club Event

Display of adult education resources, with a focus on Literacy and Numeracy.  Resources include workbooks and ebooks for students and tutors. 


13th April 2018

Prison Conference, Portlaois

A variety of samples of resources was displayed for adult education learners, all of which are suitable for Prison Education Learners, including literacy, numeracy, personal development and career preparation.



3rd April 2018

Level 1 Nonverbal Communications Resource available, suitable for adult education

Just ready!







2nd April 2018

63229841_l (1).jpg


Buy online!

You can now purchase the resources online here.  

Shop for your adult education resources from the comfort of your sofa!




29th March 2018


Level 4 Mathematics

Assignment 4 Data Handling is available for free

Click into Level 4 Maths here





29th March 2018




Level 4 Business English

Student Worksheets






15th March 2018



Level 3 Spreadsheets

This has been reviewed and updated.






Youthreach Annual Conference, 2018


1st March 2018

Crime Awareness

Level 3 Crime Awareness Student Worksheets are ready



11th February 2018

Reading Comprehension

Tutor Notes and Student Worksheets

Strategies + many reading texts

 Suitable for Level 3 to Level 4



9th February 2018

Level 4 Work Experience

This has been revised to reflect recent changes, e.g. addition of a practice interview, a change in the hours and a change in the marking schedule.


Level 4 Maths

Assignment 2: Geometry is ready now.  You can download it for free on the Examples page. 




Level 1 Life Science is ready!

23rd January 2018

Worksheets for students



Level 1 Personal Safety is ready!

15th January 2018

Worksheets for students

Includes safety at home, in the community and at work


Free life skills worksheets


11th January 2018

Level 2/3 Life Skills Worksheets are free for now!  Click into the resources here and download the book of worksheets.


1 January 2018

Some new modules coming up in January:



  • Level 1 Personal Safety

  • Level 1 Life Science

  • Level 3 Life Skills

  • Level 4 Maths Assignment 2




December 2017

Resources sent via link

*Please note that resources are now sent via links, instead of being attached to an email.  Click on the link in your email and then download and save the resource/s.


November 2017

Level 4 Maths, Assignments 1 & 3

Available free under Examples


Conference, 2017

New CEO, in training, 2016




Resource Review


Your review of resources is much appreciated.  Please give your comments and suggestions here.