Adult Education

  • Currently, Educoot sells resources to adult education centres, including Education and Training Board (ETB) centres, Youthreach centres, Community Education, VTOS, private education centres, etc.
  • Resources are directly linked to the QQI Component Specifications. This makes the assessment process easier and smoother, enabling tutors and teachers to spend more time teaching than preparing materials and assessments. 
  • Adult education programmes and courses are offered by secondary schools, community colleges, adult education centres, universities and other institutions. 
  • These programmes prepare students to enter a new industry, advance their careers, earn a qualification or learn for personal enrichment.
  • Adult education courses are often designed so that students can return to education in flexible ways. They take account of particular students’ needs and circumstances as an adult. There are part-time and full-time courses available.
  • Resources purchased by ETBs and other institutions include Levels 1 to 4 and all subject areas are popular, including Information Technology, Communications,  Career Preparation, Safety, Exercise, Horticulture and Teamworking.

Examples of resources:

To see samples, click into Samples here and hover over the resource, and then click into the sample.  The samples will open in pdf format.