Extras needed for tutors

Here you will find additional documents that may be required for courses that you have purchased.

Mindfulness Beginners

Page 7, Questions for answering and discussing (also to use if Internet is not available)

Page 19, Body scan meditation

Page 21. Mindful schedule

Page 26, Letting it be

Page 28, How to see your thoughts differently

Page 29, 3-minute breathing space

Page 36, Meditating on sounds

Page 63, Checklist

Page 65, Loving kindness meditation

Page 69, Thoughts are not facts

Page 70, Negative thoughts

Page 77, Walking meditation

Page 78, Taking care of me

Page 79, Action steps

Page 81, Quotes to display

Page 92, Ways to bring mindfulness to your days

Level 1 Full Programme: Communications

Listening & Following instructions texts

Mapping of learning outcomes

Dolch sight words

High frequency word list

Fry's sight words

Level 1 Nonverbal Communication

Listening Exercise

Nonverbal Communication Vocabulary

Level 1 Using Technology

Examples of everyday technology slides

Older technology slides

Level 1 Quantity & Number

Listening Texts

Level 1 Computer Skills

Computer Parts List (for tutor to read)

Goats (Microsoft Word Doc)

House (Microsoft Word Doc)

Puzzle (Microsoft Word Doc)

Level 1 Computer Skills Vocabulary (slides)

Level 1 Shape & Space

Shape & Space Examples (slides)

Level 1 Problem Solving

Problem Solving Slides (to accompany the Worksheets)

Problem Solving Vocabulary List

Level 1 Personal Safety

Instructions for Page 73

Level 1 Personal Care

Personal Care Activities - Slides

Level 1 Reading

Social Sight Words

Mapping of Learning Outcomes Examples

L2LP Communication and Literacy

Mapping of learning outcomes to Educoot resources here

Extra links etc. here

Level 2 Shape & Space

Tutor ebook to accompany student worksheets

Level 2 Food Choice and Health

Tutor ebook for the tutor to use on the IWB

Level 2 Personal Safety

Accompanying Tutor Ebook

Level 2 Quantitative Problem Solving

Problem-solving vocabulary list

Level 2 Speaking & Listening

Listening activities (as suggested in student worksheets)

Things we listen to - slides

Level 2 World of Work

Listening Texts

Mapping of learning outcomes here

Level 2 Pattern & Relationship

Pattern slides available here

Level 2 Reading

Level 2 Assessment Briefs (Word)

Level 2 Dolch Words

Sight Words in each lesson

Level 2 Personal Care

Personal Care slides for teaching

Personal care plan pdf

Germ experiment

Meditation example

Key words list

Level 2 Nonverbal Communication

Extras for tutors / teachers (as suggested in student worksheets)

Nonverbal Communication Slides

Level 2 Life Science: Habitats

Animal cards

Plant or Animal slides

Plant or Animal worksheet

Level 2 Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques - Vocabulary

Level 3 Office Procedures

Examples for Skills Demonstrations

Level 3 Breakfast Cookery

Tutor ebook to accompany worksheets

Principles of HACCP

Kitchen cleaning checklist

Storage times for the refrigerator and freezer

Food safety myths exposed

Kitchen skills checklist, in word (so you can amend) and pdf

Menu planner example

Menu planning template

Recipe cost calculator (excel

Review your breakfast

Types of breakfasts (slides)

Kitchen/Restaurant signs quiz and answers

Level 3 Computer Literacy

Document 'House Thief', please click here (Microsoft Word) or here (Pages).

Document 'Burger', please click here (Microsoft Word) or here (Pages).

Level 3 Internet Skills

Emails to copy, please click here

TV Form to attach, please click here

Zoo map to attach, please click here

Level 3 Word Processing

Letter 1

Text for poster

File Gandhi

File Company_info



Letter 2, Letter 3, Letter 4 (word doc), Letter 4 (pdf), Letter 4 (RTF), My Timetable, Timetable 2, Timetable 3, Timetable 4, Poster 1, Poster 2, Poster 3, My Finished Poster (word doc), My Finished Poster (single web page file), My Finished Poster (Text document)

Gandhi2, Garden_co (word doc), Garden_co (pdf)

Word processing checklist

Level 3 Spreadsheets

Files for students to download and edit: (these are Excel files)

Magazine_Sales; Products; Stock; Tourist_Cafe; Wages

Answers for the Tutor here (zipped folder)

Level 3 Career Preparation

Listening Exercises for tutor to read, click here

Instructions for tutor to read, click here

Level 3 Communications

Tutor ebook to accompany Student Workbook (large file, zipped folder!) here

Level 3 Container Gardening

Examples of container gardening

Flowers - slides

Level 4 Communications

Listening 1 (for Tutor)

Listening 5 (for Tutor)

Food Trends in 2017 

Interview evaluation forms

Level 4 Business English

Tutor’s message to read

Level 4 IT Practice

Internet & Email: Emails for tutors to copy and paste, menu, zoo map, coffee morning information, gallery opening hours, Dublin attractions, Science Gallery map

File Management Folders: Dining, Zoo, Coffee, Jobs, Art Gallery, City, Social Networking, Tunes

Word Processing Files for amending:(these will open in Microsoft Word) Menu, Zoo, Have a coffee, Job application, Art gallery, Dublin document, Facebook, Fota

Level 4 Word Processing Practice

Texts to amend, download here

Separate word files for download: company_info, memo, email, telephone_message, agenda, quote, letter, blog, reference_letter, menu, thank_you_letter, terms_and_conditions, CV, marketing_plan

Texts already amended (what they should look like after editing/enhancing), here

Level 4 IT Sample Exams

Emails for the tutor to copy and paste

Section 1 - Page 7 business letter, Page 10 lunch.jpeg, Page 12 Jobs

Section 2 - Page 17 Jamaica, Page 20 summer.jpeg, Page 22 Holiday

Section 3 - Page 27 Oscar Wilde, Page 30 book.jpeg, Page 32 Writer

Section 4 - Page 37 Download Festival, Page 39 concert.jpeg, Page 41 Festival

Section 5 - Page 46 Titanic_info, Page 49 exhibition,jpeg, Page 50 Ship

Level 4 Spreadsheets

Common terms used in Spreadsheets

Theory notes for Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets for downloading: 

Project 5 Monthly_Wages

Project 7 February_Salary

Project 8 Salary_May

Project 16 Rep_Wages

Project 18 Tourist_Shop

Project 20 Salary_April_2016

Level 4 Graphics

Clipart to be inserted: Plant, Toast, Burger, Musician, Knight, Octopus, Mummy, Biscuits, Notes, Alien, Faces, Toast2, Chicken

Paint Examples - Slides

Paint Tools - Notes

Level 4 Team Working

Appendix 1 Team work contract in word (to amend) and in pdf

Appendix 2 Team working checklist / rubric

Appendix 3 Following directions

Appendix 4 Team evaluation rubric

Appendix 5 Meeting Notes

Team work games

Critical thinking team games

Level 4 Database Practice

Click into file that is required to follow the instructions in the booklet.