Technology enhanced learning (TEL)

Technology enhanced learning (TEL) is often used as a synonym for e-learning but can also be used to refer to technology enhanced classrooms and learning with technology, rather than just through technology.


Currently, Educoot sells resources that are a direct path to technology enhanced learning. Not only are there Information Technology modules, but some courses at Levels 3 and 4 are fillable online, i.e. students can type in their answers.  These e-workbooks can then be saved and assessment can be presented digitally, saving on photocopying and most importantly, getting students accustomed to working with Information Technology. 

The tutors and teachers can use the resources as teaching tools with the interactive whiteboard or projector. Resources include links, websites, videos, etc. 

Resources purchased for TEL include Levels 1 to 4, Spreadsheets, Using Technology, Internet Skills, Computer Literacy, Database, Graphics, Word Processing, etc. 

Examples of resources:

To see samples, click into Samples here and hover over the resource, and then click into the sample.  The samples will open in pdf format.