Level 3 Container Gardening


Level 3 Container Gardening


Worksheets for Students

Contains 104 pages

Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. List the materials, tools and equipment required to grow ornamental plants and vegetables in containers both indoors and outdoors
  2. Describe the growth cycle of a variety of summer and winter flowering plants
  3. Explain the growth requirements of container grown plants and vegetables
  4. List the type of plants and vegetables suitable for container gardening
  5. Describe the compost suitable for container gardening
  6. Prepare containers for planting with attention to suitable lining material, growing media and drainage requirements
  7. Select appropriate types of plants and vegetables to match container location and size
  8. Plant selected plants and vegetables with attention to positioning, depth and watering
  9. Demonstrate the application of communications, team working and quality awareness in a horticultural environment
  10. Apply appropriate health, safety and personal hygiene procedures when growing plants and vegetables in confined areas.

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