Sort of Useful Stuff

Here you will find bits and pieces for teaching.   Some documents and pictures do not belong to me so please be aware of copyright. 

Computer Skills General

Checklist - A checklist of computer skills

BBC First Click - A Beginner's Guide to the Internet and computers

Basic Internet Skills by Net Literacy - A Beginner's Guide to the Internet

Toolkit for Tutors - For teaching a Beginner's Internet course to older adults (from the USA so may require some tweaking)

Getting Started - Resource by Age Action; Beginner's Computers

IT for Beginners

Notes/Slides for using webmail

Horticulture Level 1

School garden lesson plans

Ready, set, grow lessons

Primary lessons for classroom and garden

A guide to vegetable gardens

Reading Level 1

Social sight words

Dolch activities

Dolch paragraphs

Mindfulness Beginners

For tutors - autopilot at work

Everyday mindfulness guide

SOS mindful minute

Wheel of life exercise


Life Science Level 1

Wild Things Worksheets (for school pupils, but adaptable)

Animal Project Page

Reading Level 2

This is a good website to test readability scores.  Paste the URL into the tool or choose 'Test by Direct Input' to paste your own text in.

Sight word assessment sheet

 High Frequency Word List

Writing Level 2

Practice worksheet for sh words

Practice for ght words

List of long and short vowel sounds

Practice worksheet for oo words

Practice worksheet for oa words

Practice worksheet for compound words

CVC flashcards for writing practice

Personal word wall to record new words

Setting Learning Goals Level 2

Information on the brain

A comprehensive list of values

Tips for helping you achieve your goals

A list of strengths and weaknesses

Personal skills list

Questionnaire - what kind of learner are you?

Review your goals

Example of a Learning Plan

Personal Care Level 2

American notes on nutrition - some helpful info on this website

Life Sciences: Horticulture Level 2

A good website for basic plant images, for school, but colourful and clear

Garden Tool Safety (notes for the tutor)

Growing a bean plant (with images)

Shape & Space, Level 2

Properties of shapes notes

Shape & space keywords

Pattern & Relationship Level 2

Number patterns (3 worksheets)

Black and white shapes for making patterns

Listening & Speaking Level 2

Agreeing and disagreeing

Chocolate Bar Listening/Speaking (can be adapted)


Correct the instructions

Customer complaint

Everyday dialogues

Instruction verbs

Recipe language

Food Choice & Health Level 2


Bord Bia food project

Food labels

Healthy eating tips (for kids, but some clear info)

Healthy substitutes

Introduction to cooking (basic)

Kitchen maths workbook

Measurement table

Nutrition (for kids, but helpful)

Health Related Fitness Level 2 / Health and Fitness Level 3

Fitness planning worksheets

Irish Heart Foundation: Be active

Nutrition and Fitness Notes (USA Programme)

Personal Wellness Inventory (Opens in Excel)

Communications Level 3

Advertising terms

Advertising features

Computer terms

Formal Letter phrases and vocabulary

Informational texts features

Sample menu for reading

Non-fiction features

Think Literacy (US resource but some very relevant notes)

Writing features

Free downloadable templates to practise writing:

Readability - automatic scoring of any pasted texts:

Personal Effectiveness Level 3

Time management - Managing interruptions

10 essential keys to personal effectiveness

Personal leadership effectiveness - business-related leadership

Six Steps To Triple Your Effectiveness

Learning style questions

Discover your values

Breakfast Cookery Level 3

Business start-up notes (Food business)

Capacity worksheet 1, 2, 3, 4

Fluid lives (Healthy eating from Bord Bia)

Keeping it real (Bord Bia)

Cooking methods

Food contact materials

Food hyper-sensitivity

Food marketing terms

Is it done yet leaflet

Checklist for cooking / kitchen skills

Labelling leaflet

Mass worksheet 1, 2, 3

Reduce the risk of food poisoning

Weights and measurement chart

Kitchen safety signs


Computer Literacy Level 3

Basic computer definitions  - List of common  terms

Word Processing Level 3

This is a comprehensive list of word-processing icons and toolbars. 

Container Gardening Level 3


Common container gardening problems

Container gardening information

Growing tulips as pot plants

Plant connections


Team working rubric

Nutrition & Healthy Options Level 3

Vegetarian foods (pictures)



Food allergies and intolerances

Food cards

Food for keeps

Food hygiene

Food intolerance

Food preservation

Food preservation techniques

Food processing and manufacturing

Food safety training

GM Foods Ireland

Healthy eating planner

Healthy eating

Healthy eating for life


Event Participation Level 3

Arts & Culture in Dublin

Cultural Tourism

Examples of Dublin Events

Crime Awareness Level 3

Crime scene investigations

The Juvenile Justice System

The Law in Ireland

Mock Crime Scene

Prisoner Anxiety

AdobeStock_51406588 [Converted].png

Tackling Youth Crime Ireland

The Impact of Crime on Families

Victim Awareness 1, 2

Young People and Crime in Ireland

Personal Care & Presentation Level 3

Personal Care for Young People


Personal Effectiveness Level 4

Student Healthy and Safety Book  (HSA)

Study Skills (NLN)

Goal Setting and Self Evaluation

Example of a Community Project

Goal Setting

Business English Level 4


Better business writing

On the phone - Teacher's Pack

Proofreading & editing skills

Proofreading exercises

Telephone etiquette

Telephone etiquette examples

Telephone exercise

Vocabulary - academic English

Maths Level 4 Number

Complex numbers

Estimating 1 and Estimating 2

Laws of indices presentation

The laws of indices

Number revision for students

Scientific notation

Significant figures 1 and Significant figures 2


 Team Working Level 4

Team word skills: Being an effective group member

Example of making a group contract - Notes

Example of team ground rules

Team working notes for the tutor

Team evaluation checklist

Team work reflection (notes for tutor)

Team work ideas for teaching

Team work guide for the construction industry

Team working links to download (word doc) 

Database Level 4

Short introduction to working with Microsoft Access. .

Graphics Level 4

Some notes on using MS Paint (old but tools are similar)

Workplace Safety Level 4

For an example of a PPE assessment list - Checklist for PPE Assessment in the Workplace

Be Safe Guide to Health and Safety 

No Healthy and Safety Training! - Photos showing dangerous workplace situations!

HSA Health and Safety Workbook - Workbook for students from the Health and Safety Authority

Funny Safety Signs - Safety shouldn't be funny....

Under Pressure in the Workplace - Notes on stress in the workplace

Bullying Poster - Simple poster

Hazards - Images and notes for Hazard Discussion

Manual Handling - Notes

The Importance of Safety Procedures - Notes

Smoke Alarms - Notes, instructions

PPE - Slides showing different types of PPE

Work Experience Level 4

Career planning

Career planning

Finding work experience

Finding work experience

Personal Skills Checklist

Personal Skills Checklist

Smart goal setting

Smart goal setting

What makes a good CV?

What makes a good CV?

Employability skills

Employability skills