Level 3 Internet Skills


Level 3 Internet Skills


Student E-workbook

Contains 70 pages

Fillable online or printable

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Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Outline the significance of internet tools in terms of their common uses and features including web browsers and web mail

  2. Explain the rudimentary terminology associated with internet usage including uniform resource locator (URL), home page, hyperlinks, search engines, web mail, social networking, blogs, e-commerce, elearning

  3. Outline the main information security, privacy, and applicable usage policy considerations associated using the internet

  4. Outline the basic requirements necessary to gain internet access including internet access devices,wired and wireless connections, browsers, and internet service providers

  5. Use a range of search techniques within an internet search engine to locate information efficiently

  6. Use the browser print function to obtain a hardcopy of information from the internet

  7. Use a web mail application to generate an e-mail taking all required steps to address the e-mail, enter a subject, enter text, and send the message

  8. Maintain a personal email account by checking, deleting, archiving, removing and restoring emails, and managing contacts list

  9. Navigate the web using browser toolbar buttons including back, forward, stop, refresh, home, favourites, and bookmarks

  10. Respond to a received e-mail by taking all necessary steps to open the message, read an attached file, compose a response using appropriate format, attach a new file, and transmit the reply

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