L2LP Preparing for Work


L2LP Preparing for Work


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Learning Outcomes:

Finding out about work

• Identify different jobs that people do in their school, e.g. the role of the teacher, caretaker and the school secretary

• List three local employment opportunities

• Describe one way in which people get a job or course of their choice, e.g. from a newspaper, information from a college

• List possible jobs that they are interested in and find information on the requirements for the jobs

• Visit a local employer and review the visit, e.g. name two new things learned

• Use a variety of ways to check for the advertisement of jobs, e.g. local newspapers, websites, TV ad

Preparing for a work-related activity

• Identify and list their own talents

• Create a curriculum vitae including personal profile, education and work experience details

• Participate in a short interview, e.g. mock job interview with a teacher

• Keep a punctuality and attendance record for a month, e.g. using a scale 1-10, students can record if they are on time for school, class and if they attend school regularly

• Carry out specific tasks in a range of roles in school, e.g. bringing attendance registers to the office, arrange classroom materials appropriately

• Keep a record of tasks completed in a journal, e.g. start and finish times for a task, describe what the steps are in the task

Taking part in a work-related activity

• Gather background information to help plan and participate in the activity

• Sequence a number of steps to be taken to successfully complete the activity

• Assume a role in the activity and identify tasks linked with the role

• Use key words associated with the activity correctly

• Identify safety procedures and/or permissions required for the activity

• Learn how to use tools or equipment associated with the activity safely and correctly

• Participate in the activity

• Review the activity to evaluate its success

• Assess effectiveness of own role in the activity

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