Level 1 Horticulture


Level 1 Horticulture


Worksheets for Students

Contains 86 pages

Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Identify common gardening tools and equipment, e.g. lawnmower, gardening gloves, rake, spade, trowel

  2. Recognise a number of common plant types, e.g. trees, shrubs, conifers, bedding plants

  3. Identify different parts of a plant, e.g. root, stem, leaves, fruit/flower

  4. Grow a plant from seed or bulb

  5. Plant up, e.g. a garden/bedding plant, a hanging basket or container

  6. Practice essential care skills under close supervision for, e.g. a lawn or flower bed or plant

  7. Take adequate safety precautions as directed

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