Level 2 Listening & Speaking Worksheets


Level 2 Listening & Speaking Worksheets


Worksheets for students

Contains 78 pages

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Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Listen to obtain information relating to more than one option, e.g. using a speaking timetable to get a train arrival and departure time and ticket prices

  2. Ask questions to obtain information, e.g. to check dates/prices/other facts, face to face and by telephone

  3. Follow a series of spoken instructions, e.g. top up a mobile telephone, follow directions to a familiar place

  4. Express opinions, facts and feelings appropriately, e.g. expressing an opinion on a television programme within a small group, give directions, leave a voice-mail message

  5. Practise formal and informal communications, e.g. an interview or parent teacher meeting, and chatting while out with friend

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