Level 3 Biology


Level 3 Biology


Student Workbook

152 Pages

The worksheets cover the following learning outcomes:

1 Outline the classification system for living organisms to include common plants and animals

2 Identify the common characteristics of a range of living organisms

3 Describe the structure and function of a range of common plants

4 Identify the main components and functions of the human digestive system

5 Outline the principles of a balanced diet as illustrated in the food pyramid to include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water

6 Describe the main components and functions of the human circulatory system

7 Identify the main elements and functions of the human skeletal and muscular system to include the sensory and reproductive systems

8 Calculate the energy values of a selection of food products that make up a typical daily diet

9 Record observations of a range of animals and plants

10 Draw examples of plant and animal cells

11 Investigate a range of micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi

12 Demonstrate the application of communications, team working and quality awareness

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