Level 3 Computer Literacy


Level 3 Computer Literacy


Student E-workbook

Contains 43 pages

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Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Outline how Information Technology affects everyday life to include social networking, e-commerce, eGovernment and e-Learning

  2. Explain commonplace Information Technology concepts and terminology relating to computer types, computer hardware, application software, and the internet

  3. Describe the health, safety and personal hygiene considerations of working with computers

  4. Describe information security considerations including password protection, viruses, and provision of personal details

  5. Outline the functions of the main hardware elements of a computer including input, output and storage devices

  6. Operate computer hardware by performing all required steps including connecting all required devices, and powering up and shutting down equipment appropriately

  7. Use a range a keyboard capabilities including text entry, numeric data entry, function keys, application keys, multifunction keys, symbols, cursor control, caps lock, and num lock

  8. Use a computer application to create a file by performing all required steps including accessing the application, entering data using the keyboard and mouse, printing the file, and storing the file appropriately for subsequent retrieval

  9. Apply relevant environmental impact reduction, health, safety and personal hygiene procedures when working in an ICT environment.

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