Level 3 Crime Awareness


Level 3 Crime Awareness


Student worksheets

124 pages

This resource contains worksheets that cover the following learning goals:

  1. Explain personal values and factors which influence them
  2. Identify situations of wrong doing and their impact on the individual, family and society
  3. Describe the difference between wrong doing and crime, and personal attitudes to crime
  4. Discuss factors which influence participation in offending behaviour and criminal behaviour
  5. Describe the impact of crime on victims' feelings
  6. Explain restorative justice, its purpose, the process and the people involved in the process 
  7. Discuss prison life, its impact on the prisoner, the family and friends, daily routine, prisoners' rights and prison officers' duties
  8. Describe elements of the Irish legal justice system including arrest, court appearance, verdict, Juvenile Liaison Officer, Community Garda, underage crime
  9. Role-play a scenario involving negotiation of agreement by all parties following committing an offence
  10. Describe the learning gained from participation in the role-play prior to reaching agreement
  11. Discuss the application of the justice system to young people and how it might be improved
  12. Discuss the effectiveness of prison and its alternatives on behaviour.

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