Level 3 Event Participation


Level 3 Event Participation


Worksheets for students

107 pages

Learning outcomes covered:

1 Identify a range of amenities associated with cultural and sporting events locally, nationally or internationally

2 List events, displays, exhibitions, competitions, or performances for an area of cultural or sporting interest

3 Describe promotion methods used by venues to disseminate information about an event

4 Plan to attend an event either as an audience member or a participant, identifying transport routes to venue, opening times, current performances or exhibitions

5 Obtain information about the event including its focus, key works or achievements, historical background

6 Obtain information about the venue including amenities, support staff and information points

7 Take an active part in a cultural or sporting event as an audience member or participant

8 Describe the personal impact of participating in a sporting or cultural event

9 Discuss some benefits of cultural and sporting events, including economic impacts.

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