Level 3 Health & Fitness Student Workbook


Level 3 Health & Fitness Student Workbook


Student Worksheets

Contains 94 pages

Also available as a Student E-workbook

Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Describe the concepts underpinning a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating, physical activity, and stress management
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the food pyramid, calorie intake, and the factors that affect calorie intake
  3. Identify the benefits of good eating practices on a healthy, stress-free life
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of physical fitness, including the factors that affect fitness, its components, and the mental and physical benefits of physical activities
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the safety factors that must be considered when taking part in physical 2 activities, including warming up and cooling down, and stretches for major muscles
  6. List local leisure facilities and the activities they provide
  7. Demonstrate a basic understanding of stress, the common factors that cause stress, and methods of managing stress
  8. Outline the effects of smoking and substance abuse on physical and mental health
  9. Maintain a lifestyle diary, recording food intake, physical activity, and stressors
  10. Design a balanced meal
  11. Demonstrate exercises that incorporate the components of fitness
  12. Reflect on own personal life style practices, including changes made as a result of new learning
  13. Demonstrate the application of communications, team working and quality awareness in a health and fitness environment.

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