Level 4 Personal Effectiveness


Level 4 Personal Effectiveness


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136 pages

The course covers the following learning outcomes:

  1. Outline the principles of personal effectiveness

  2. Compile a range of methods and strategies to achieve personal learning goals to include external and self-evaluation

  3. Compare personal strengths and weaknesses in the learning process to include establishing own learning style

  4. Describe areas of personal responsibility in health, hygiene and safety in a range of civic and vocational contexts

  5. Define the characteristics of good group or team work, to include differentiation of roles within a team and adherence to established rules and guidelines

  6. Implement a practical action plan designed to accomplish short and long-term learning goals, to include ongoing feedback and monitoring of achievement

  7. Respond to personal and or interpersonal issues or challenges that arise in a civic or vocational context, to include identifying the features and cause of the issue, finding and implementing a solution, and evaluating the outcome of the action(s) taken

  8. Demonstrate negotiation skills and an ability to deal with conflict, to include giving and receiving constructive criticism, compliments and feedback

  9. Use appropriate safe and hygienic practices in a variety of civic or vocational contexts

  10. Work as a member of a team or group, to include taking the lead in an activity or task.

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