Level 2 Non-Verbal Communication


Level 2 Non-Verbal Communication


Tutor / Teacher Ebook + Student Worksheets

Contains 54 pages

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Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Identify a range of non-verbal communications methods, e.g. facial expression, tones of voice, symbols, clothing, colours to signal mood/appropriate action

  2. Use appropriate non-verbal behaviour in communication a simple idea, e.g. disappointment or joy, tone of voice to seek/assistance/complain

  3. Relay a response or request non-verbally, e.g. hitching a lift, signalling a phone call

  4. Respond to non-verbal signal and signs encountered in daily life, e.g. road signs, traffic signs, hazardous materials

  5. Follow the sequence of non-verbal instructions or directions for a frequent activity, e.g. using household equipment with three or more operations, putting a battery in a toy, finding safety exits/following fire-drill

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