Level 2 Personal Safety


Level 2 Personal Safety


Tutor / Teacher Ebook + Student Worksheets

Worksheets contain 122 pages

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Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Identify essential rights and responsibilities in relation to personal safety in a specified location, e.g. workplaces/at home/in the community

  2. List key safety risks in the workplace/home/community

  3. Recognise when his/her own safety is threatened, e.g. bullying/harassment, using equipment/common chemicals

  4. Name daily practices that promote personal safety, e.g. using pedestrian crossings, disconnecting electrical goods at night, pouring hot liquids in after cold, wearing protective clothes/gloves, seeking advice/help, preventing stranger danger

  5. Name the appropriate response when a risk is identified, e.g. finding a safe exit, contact person/organisation, fire drill

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