Level 2 Reading


Level 2 Reading


Student Worksheets

Contains 177 pages

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Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Read familiar words that are commonly used and personally relevant, e.g. read a list of items relating to a personal interest/sport/hobby

  2. Use simple rules and text conventions that support meaning, e.g. punctuation, common abbreviations

  3. Interpret different forms of writing and text, including social sight signs and symbols, e.g. common formats of bills, menus, forms, timetables, road and other signs, simple food preparation instructions, short piece of personally relevant writing

  4. Find key information from different forms of writing, e.g. locating factual information in forms/bills, time and dates of appointments

  5. Use reading strategies, e.g. clues context, sound, prediction and decoding

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