Level 3 Sewing


Level 3 Sewing


Student Worksheets

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Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Work with a limited range of craft materials to explore aesthetic aspects of a variety of crafts using appropriate language
  2. Describe the basic principles for creating two dimensional or three-dimensional crafts
  3. Describe a range of design options and preferred solutions to an idea or theme of interest to include gathering evidence of other crafts-persons practice
  4. Use a range of craft tools and equipment correctly to include appropriate terminology
  5. Use a range of craft processes on materials to include experimenting with a range of cutting techniques, joining, shaping, manipulating, finishing, rendering and decorating as appropriate
  6. Make a range of craft products in two or three dimensions to include selecting appropriate materials, equipment and processes and paying attention to costs
  7. Use known solutions to prevent or resolve a limited range of common technical problems associated with the medium, equipment or process
  8. Display completed craft products with supporting research and design work
  9. Comment on the completed craft products to include the materials used, standard of workmanship, the craft skills learnt, and difficulties encountered in making the products
  10. Apply good workshop practice to include set up and preparation, organization and clean up of the work area
  11. Apply appropriate health, safety and personal hygiene practices to safeguard against accidents and hazards
  12. Demonstrate the application of communications, team working and quality awareness while working in a craft environment

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