Level 3 Spreadsheets


Level 3 Spreadsheets


*Revised March 2018

Practice Worksheets for Students

Contains 31 pages

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Students will cover the following learner outcomes:

  1. Outline the significance of using spreadsheet applications in terms of their common uses and features

  2. Explain rudimentary terminology associated with spreadsheets including workbook, worksheet, cell, tab, formula, filtering, sorting, function, and chart

  3. Use a spreadsheet application to open an existing workbook, access a worksheet, print a hardcopy of the worksheet and exit the application

  4. Enter data to a spreadsheet to include formatting rows and columns, applying data formats, inserting and deleting rows columns and worksheets, and moving information within the worksheet

  5. Use formulae to perform simple calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  6. Produce a hardcopy printout from a spreadsheet taking all required steps including creating a workbook, entering data into a worksheet, applying suitable formatting, previewing and printing the cell range, saving the workbook, and closing the spreadsheet application

  7. Apply appropriate health, safety and personal hygiene procedures when working in an ICT environment.

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