Level 4 Workplace Safety


Level 4 Workplace Safety


Student E-workbook

Contains 56 pages

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  1. Identify the various work areas, hazardous equipment, protective clothing or personal protection, specific to work areas in a business using appropriate terminology
  2. Identify fire exits, assembly points and emergency exits in the workplace, entry and exit points, and Health and Safety signage in each workplace area
  3. Explain the importance of correct procedures for fire drills, accidents and emergencies
  4. Explain the importance of protective clothing to minimise injuries and accidents in the workplace
  5. Discuss a range of fire safety equipment in the workplace to include uses of various types of fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and smoke alarms
  6. Discuss the legislation governing Health and Safety in all workplaces to include employers and employees responsibilities
  7. Explain a Health and Safety statement and its importance for the workplace
  8. Identify Health and safety officials in the workplace
  9. Carry out the correct procedures for handling heavy, hazardous and fragile items
  10. Demonstrate the use of a fire extinguisher
  11. Carry out the correct procedure for checking that smoke alarms are working
  12. Participate in group discussion relating to hazard identification
  13. Access all areas of the building safely
  14. Work safely following workplace safety procedures

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