Level 4 Retail Sales Techniques


Level 4 Retail Sales Techniques


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Learning outcomes:

1 Explain the key principles of the retail environment in relation to customer care and retail selling

2 Explain key terminology and practices utilised in retail selling to include related sales, up selling, after sales service, customer services and unique selling points

3 Outline the legal responsibilities and entitlements of staff and customers in relation to a retail environment

4 Differentiate between a range of products and services provided by the retail sector

5 Describe the key benefits of an effective after sales services policy in relation to the creation of new business

6 Describe a range of specific product characteristics to include features, benefits and advantages

7 Explain a range of learning methods aimed at improving knowledge in relation to products and retail services

8 Outline the benefits of establishing a customer profile

9 Outline a range of procedures aimed at improving health and safety in the retail environment

10 Employ a range of communication techniques aimed at assessing customer needs to include open and closed questions, product descriptions

11 Demonstrate a range of communication skills to present products and deal with customer complaints

12 Identify key opportunities to open and close a sale while operating in a retail environment

13 Demonstrate an ability to match products and services to customers needs

14 Employ customer relation skills to Identify the characteristics and requirements of a range of customer profiles

15 Demonstrate the application of appropriate interpersonal skills and attitudes when differentiating between a range of customer's needs, in a retail setting.

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